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After School Program

Mission Statement

To provide all School- Age chidren with a safe and secure environment with quality, well supervised enrichment programs that coordinate and complement the student’s regular school program.


Program Goals & Objectives

  • To ensure a safe environment

  • To provide quality child care

  • To promote development of life skills

  • To support student achievement

  • To provide cultural enrichment

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Program Description


The mission of the music program is to educate students that music is a vehicle of expression and an intellectual discipline. They will learn how to listen and play the guitar, piano, and recorder. In addition they will learn how to read and notate music notation. They will understand basic music concepts such as pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics, form and timbre while learning various songs. Most importantly the students will learn to appreciate music as a unique experience that can express their emotions and enhance their intellectual.

Arts & Crafts:

The arts and crafts program is defined by two core curriculum. The crafts curriculum encourages students to use their imagination and creativity while developing fine motor skills and an appreciation for using all available resources to build exciting crafts projects. The crafts curriculum often uses holiday and seasonal themes as a basis for projects.The arts curriculum is based off of a higher education level studio art curriculum. It begins with lectures and demonstrations on line & shape and color & design. Students are encouraged to follow examples demonstrated by instructor as well as discuss art theories as they are introduced to a side of art that is both visual and technical. The arts projects are progressive, with each concept and project creating a foundation for the next one. Projects include drawing and shading shapes, creating self-portraits, painting water-color landscapes and acrylic still lifes. Repetition and drafts are essential parts of the learning process.


The dance program is a fusion of various dance styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz, African, Modern etc. It encourages the children to be creative with their movement and speed, and also encourages confidence in their dance execution. The mission of dance class is to increase memorization skills, instill a sense of control and pride in one’s dancing and performing abilities, keep children active, promote healthy living, and create an environment where children can move freely in movement without judgment.


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