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The curriculum in a Montessori classroom is taught through four main areas of a prepared environment. Each child interacts with the curriculum areas according to his or her comfort and challenge level, progressing at his or her own pace.

Practical Life

The exercises encourage the child to master motor skills and independence in their daily living. Practical Life activities in this area teach the child how to care for himself or herself and his or her environment. Activities such as pouring, polishing, washing, lacing, buttoning, and zippering develop eye- hand coordination, concentration, self-motivation, and independence.


This area includes scientifically designed materials which introduce one concept at a time. The child is given a wide range of experience in discrimination of heights, lengths, widths, colors, sounds, smells, shapes, and textures. Refinement of the senses and development of skills in thinking, judging, concentrating, comparing, and sequencing are important preparation of more complex learning in math, writing and reading.


This area presents math concepts in concrete form. The sequence of the Math area begins with simple self-correcting counting materials and leads to experience with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of complex numbers using concrete manipulative materials.


Language development is an integral part of the Montessori classroom. Experiences in vocabulary enrichment, classification, self-expression and listening skills provide the child with a rich language atmosphere. Through a hands-on phonetic approach writing and reading skills develop naturally and spontaneously.

Cultural Enrichment

Activities in art, geography, science, music, and foreign language, are an important part of our curriculum. Exercises in body movement assist the child’s physical development, body awareness, and coordination.

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